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10 Great ESL and Spanish Blogs and Websites for Teachers

Finding resources for great ESL and Spanish teaching material can be challenging.  One of the best resources for information is on ESL and Spanish blogs that focus on practical ideas that can be easily implemented.  Check out 10 great ESL and Spanish blogs for teachers and students that are sure to help give you the ideas you need to succeed.


10 Great ESL Blogs and Websites

  1. Fun to Teach ESL
  2. Auxilliarybrain
  3. Teaching Espanol
  4. SpanishPlans
  5. Spanish Simply
  6. The ESOL Odyssey
  7. Spanish Playground
  8. ESL Kid Stuff
  9. Mondo’s World
  10. ESL Flow

What are some of your favorite ESL and Spanish blogs or websites?  Share them with us below!

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