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10 Ways to Organize Your Classroom Without Closets

No closets in your classroom?  No problem!  If you are searching for ways to organize your teaching supplies and materials, but you are without closets, it can be a challenge!  Never fear, we have 10 really good ways to organize the room even without closet space.

10 Ways to Organize Your Classroom Without Closets

  1. Pocket ChartsPocket charts are not just for morning meeting, they are also perfect for vertical storage.  Try a pocket chart designed to hold file folders for organizing small groups, homework, or lesson plans for the week.
  2. Magnetic Organizers – If you do not have closets, take full advantage of magnetic organizers.  There are organizers that hold mail, files, folders, whiteboard supplies, and more.  Hang them on the sides of tall filing cabinets, on the front of the teacher’s desk, or on the magnetic whiteboard itself.
  3. Over the Door – Over the door hooks are not just for hanging wreaths at home, they are perfect for organizing a mesh bag with with outdoor playground supplies, holding charts, or dress-up supplies.  Be sure to invest in a sturdy door hook to ensure that it fits properly and does not fall off.
  4. Rolling Drawers – Imagine being able to wheel your supplies and materials around the room where you need them when you need them.  With a rolling set of drawers you can!  Use the drawers for everything from individual student cubbies to center supplies to Daily 5 organization.  The best part?  You can find different size rolling drawers to meet all of your organizational needs.
  5. Pocket Chart Stands – Pocket charts are wonderful, but they are even more beneficial as a classroom storage solution when there is a foldable pocket chart stand to accompany them.  Use a pocket chart stand to hang multiple charts while acting as different learning stations, a classroom divider, or as a screen to hide the stack of bins you have in the corner of the room.
  6. Chair Pockets – Do not forget about the backs of students’ chairs!  They are the ideal spot for quick, student organization.  Chair pockets fit over the backrest of the chair and have pockets that can hold everything from textbooks to workbooks to water bottles and pencil pouches.
  7. Under the Chair Racks – After using the back of the chair for student storage, do not forget to use the bottom too!  Under the chair racks add extra storage for books, lunches, and supplies.
  8. Cover It Up! – Sometimes you just cannot get away from a pile of bins and tubs that need to be stored in the classroom.  Instead of leaving them out on display, stack them in sets of two and cover with a pretty piece of fabric or a tablecloth.  The covered stack can then be used as a divider between centers or in the classroom library.
  9. Hooks and Clothesline – When all else fails, do not forget to look up.  Look up to the classroom walls and ceiling, that is.  Most schools have strict fire code regulations, so check with your administrator before hanging clothesline from wall to wall.  If it is permissible, string a piece of clothesline or cord across the room and use clothespins to hang student work, light book bags, or anchor charts.
  10. Underneath the Stool – Who needs plain chairs at low center tables when a milk crate can be transformed into a storage seating area.  Check out this tutorial for making your own and discover a whole new place to store student supplies, small group materials, and more!


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