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15 Visual Prompts for Journal Writing

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15 Visual Journal Writing Prompts for Kids:  The Teachers' Lounge   (Photo by Rory MacLeod)

15 Visual Journal Writing Prompts for Kids: The Teachers’ Lounge (Photo by Rory MacLeod)

Written prompts are a tried-and-true method for encouraging creative thinking before journaling.  While this approach may work well for some students, it may create barriers for others.  Imagine yourself as an ELL/ESL student or a child with dyslexia who comes into the classroom and is met by an immediate barrier – written words.  Before that child can even begin to think creatively or strategically about formulating a response, he must struggle through trying to decode not only what the words are, but what they mean when put together in the context of the question or statement.  By the time he has figured out the prompt itself, he then has little time to formulate a creative response. Break the cycle of barriers for children and provide them with images instead of texts for their journal writing prompts.

The photos found on the following pages are licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 use and presented with attribution.  Challenge yourself to use them as your own writing prompts before presenting them to your students.  There is nothing more inspiring for students to see than a teacher who is willing to journal along with them and discuss their own ideas about what an image may mean.

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