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20 Must-Read Really Good Education Blogs

Need some ideas for some great education blog reading? Check out these 20 blogs that are full of great ideas and lesson plans. Is your favorite blog not on the list (it was extremely difficult narrowing it down to 20!)? Leave a comment below with a link back to your favorite!

20 Must-Read Really Good Education Blogs

  1. Chalk Talk
  2. Corner on Character
  3. The ESOL Odyssey
  4. Extra Special Teaching
  5. First Grade Parade
  6. Free Technology for Teachers
  7. The Frugal Teacher
  8. Fun in Room 4B
  9. Fun to Teach ESL
  10. Kids Book Review
  11. Kleinspiration
  12. The Lesson Cloud
  13. Make, Take, and Teach
  14. Miss Kindergarten
  15. Ms. Rachel’s Room
  16. Oodles of Teaching Fun
  17. School Counselor Blog
  18. Schoolgirl Style
  19. Sunny Days in Second Grade
  20. The Teachers’ Lounge


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