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2011 Really Good Blog Winners

With over 100 blogs nominated and in the running, it came as no surprise that the voting was fast and furious for our first Really Good Blog Contest.  It was an honor featuring such dedicated bloggers and teachers as they continually strived to make their blogs a great resource for other educators.  It is with great pleasure that we announce the blog in each category that received the most votes and has earned the distinction of being a 2011 Really Good Blog Winner.

Primary Category Winner:  Kindergarten Crayons

With more entries in the K-4 category than both of the other two,  Kindergarten Crayons received the most votes and is the official 2011 Really Good Blog for the primary category.  Congratulations!  This amazing online resource is written and maintained by the generous Fran Kramer.



Intermediate Category Winner:  Kleinspiration

Created by Erin Klein, Kleinspiration is a blog filled with great advice, great downloads, and even greater inspiration.  Congratulations!



Specialty Category Winner:  Teaching Blog Addicts

Focusing on bringing teachers a wide array of tips and inspiration, Teaching Blog Addict helps teachers find other teacher bloggers all in one place.  Created by Tamara, it is a great resource for both new and veteran teachers.


Congratulations to the winners

and congratulations to all of the blogs and bloggers who were nominated!

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These blogs are fabulous!!! They inspire me and help me get excited about trying new things!! They keep me very occupied!!


I agree - these honors are well deserved!