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2011 Really Good Teacher: Christine Boss

2011 Really Good Teacher Christine Boss

Like many teachers, Christine Boss knew from an early age that she wanted to teach.  “What has surprised me the most about teaching is that I am not just a teacher to my students,” she says.  “As it turns out, I am a counselor, an advocate, and, at times, a mother, among the many other roles I play for my students.  I don’t think there is ever a day where you are ‘just’ a teacher.”  We are honored to recognize Christine as our first Teacher Appreciation Week 2011 Really Good Teacher.

“My best teacher tip is to foster and cultivate communication with your students’ families,” Christine explains.  “It is so important to have that open line with parents, and I feel you get the most out of your students that way.”  Jen, the teacher who nominated Christine as a Really Good Teacher, recognizes that Christine takes her own advice.  “She happily participates in after school and evening activities for her students, and her door is always open to parents,” Jen says.  “She has students each year who require ESL attention, while she is also seeing to the needs of the rest of her large class.”

Christine takes her large class size and diverse third grade student population in stride.  “Knowing that I am helping students learn more about their world and to be successful and confident is my biggest reward,” she says.  “I love seeing my students the next year, hearing their success stories and knowing that I had a hand in that.  To me, that’s what it means to be a teacher.”

When asked to share advice to new teachers, Christine did not hesitate.  “To new teachers, I would say to trust yourself,” she says.  “It is always good to ask advice of other teachers, but go with your gut instincts and do what you think is right.”

“[Christine] is an outstanding teacher and should be recognized as such!” Jen wrote in her nomination.  We could not agree more!  It is a pleasure to recognize the efforts of a teacher so dedicated to the growth and achievement of her students.  Congratulations, Christine, and thank you for being a Really Good Teacher!

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Congratulations, Christine! You sound like such an inspiring teacher. Keep up the great work. Amy from Tucson,AZ