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2011 Really Good Teacher: Francyne Beresford

For the students in Ms. Beresford’s high school science classes, new lessons and approaches to teaching are always a part of their day.  This New York High School Teacher’s dedication to teaching propels her to work to meet the needs of all of her students, no matter what level they are at.  It is an honor to recognize Francyne Beresford’s hard work and name her as a 2011 Really Good Teacher.

When asked why she became a teacher, Francyne’s focus was right where it always is – on her students.  “I enjoy the students and interacting with them everyday,” she says.  “It is wonderful to see them grow over the course of a year – or more!”

Flexibility is one of the reasons Francyne’s classes are so successful.  She constantly adapts to the needs of her students and strives to reach them where they are.  When asked what her best teaching tip is, she offered this advice:  “Stay a step ahead and be prepared, and flexible enough, to change directions.  Some great lessons happen when you are able to just go with an idea and try something different or new that the students are interested in.”

Those new ideas and methods continue to surprise this really good Biology and Physics teacher.  “No matter how many years I teach,” she said, “there is always something to learn, a new approach to a lesson, or a way to make a connection with a parent or student.”  After teaching all levels of both subjects, from inclusion to Honors/AP-level, she has a wide range of lessons and ideas to offer her students.

To new teachers, Francyne says, “Find a way to get and stay organized in a way that works for you and your classes/students.”  No matter what grade you teach, staying organized is the key to a successful year.  Francyne manages to stay organized and help others in her department at the same time.

It is a pleasure to feature a High School teacher who has done, and who continues to do, so much to reach her students.  Francyne, congratulations on being a 2011 Really Good Teacher.  We appreciate you!

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