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3 Super Simple Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

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It is that time of year again and if you have waited until the last minute for a Halloween costume, do not panic!  We have three super simple last minute costume ideas below that are perfect for busy teachers.  This year, you can get dressed up without it costing a lot of money.

Pippi Longstocking

The great thing about dressing up like Pippi Longstocking is that nothing has to match!  Slip on an old smock dress, put your hair in pigtails, don some mismatched socks and shoes and you are ready to go.  A few large freckles on your face and you will be the cutest Pippi in the whole school.

Silly Scientist

There’s no need to be a mad scientist this Halloween, but you can be a silly one!  Tease your hair out and spray with a liberal amount of hairspray to keep it looking a wild and crazy throughout the school day.  A white lab coat thats pockets have been filled with plastic insects, a magnifying glass, and other strange science materials are all that you need.  This costume is also a great way to get your students excited about doing some Pumpkin Science lessons during the day!

Costume Swap

Swap costumes with another teacher in your building!  Not only will you each get to be something you have not been, but it will not cost you anything.  Think of it as costume recycling!  For more variety, get all of the teachers in your school in on the idea and have a costume swap a few days before Halloween.

What are you dressing up as this year?  Share with us by snapping a picture and posting it to our Facebook page.  We would love to see your costume!

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Shawn Kocher
Shawn Kocher

I was Pippy one year, but now we can't do anything Halloween! It's completely banned in our distirct. :( Enjoy dressing up and the crazy day while you still can!

Chassidy Vissering
Chassidy Vissering

Pippi Longstocking is my childhood fave! I am going to try this out on Friday, I'm anxious to see how many of my students actually know the character. We need to read that book this week!