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4 New June Bulletin Board Ideas

Who's Reading What? Pocket Chart Kit

While many teachers are looking forward to the final school days in May and June, some teachers are gearing up for the start of their year-round summer session, summer camps, or summer school.  Just because the weather has turned warmer, there is no reason why your bulletin boards cannot keep being a focal point in the room.  Use the fun ideas below to make your summer bulletin boards pop!

Who’s Reading What?

Using the Who’s Reading What? Pocket Chart Kit as the focus, create a bulletin board that lets you (and your students!) see who is reading what.  Cover the bulletin board in owl print fabric and hang the pocket chart in the center.  Around the board hang words related to reading or to motivate students.  This bulletin board can last throughout the entire year!

Who Am I?  Beach Ball Board

Have students cut out a large circle and divide it into sections like you would find on a beach ball.  In each section, students can either write a fact about themselves, or complete a sentence that you have prepared to tell a little bit about themselves.  Cover the bulletin board with colorful beach towels and decorate with the student beach ball activity.  This is a great way to break the ice during the first day of summer camp!

Arctic Chill

Do not let the start of summer heat get you down!  Create an arctic theme bulletin board!  You can use it to teach about animals or vegetation in the area, or use it as a backdrop for a science experiment center on ice melting.  No matter which activity you do, covering the bulletin board in shimmery, ice blue fabric is a great start.

Oh, The Places You'll Go Sunglasses

Put On Your Shades

There is no better way to teach children about the five senses than to let them do hands-on activities.  Use your bulletin board to create a center where students can explore how when one sense (vision) is unavailable, the other senses compensate for it.  Cover the board in colorful paper or fabric.  Cut out a large pair of sunglasses and staple them to the center of the board.  Have a folder with answer sheets attached to the board and a table beneath it with a dozen brown paper lunch bags filled with one item each.  Have the students record their observations based on their senses other than sight to try to figure out what is in each bag.  Answers can be turned in or discussed.  You could even have students make a bar graph about the results if you wanted to incorporate math into the activity/bulletin board center.

What are some of your favorite June bulletin board ideas?  Share with us!


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