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5 Bite-Size Classroom Management Tips

Need some quick and effective classroom management techniques to keep the school day on track?  Try some of the easy classroom management ideas below to stay focused and keep students learning all day long.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

If it is in your classroom, it should have a labeled space where it lives.  Put it there, use it, return it.  Teach your students to return things to their proper spot so that time is not wasted trying to find supplies, notebooks, and more.

Be a Paper Tamer

Instead of loose papers, use notebooks whenever possible.  Math notebooks, social studies notebooks, science notebooks, spelling and language arts notebooks.  The more contained you can keep the paper, the easier it is to tame.  Be sure to get a wheeled carrier to take things home from school, because notebooks are a lot heavier than individual papers.

Rockin’ Routine

Introduce a modern day clean-up song that even your middle school students will love.  Choose a 90-120 second upbeat song that, when played, signals clean-up and transition time.  A fun, cheerful song can help put everyone in a better mood and keep them on track during transitions.  For younger students, Yo Gabba Gabba’s Hold Still is a fun option.  Older students might prefer something like Rascall Flatts’ Life Is a Highway from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars.

Helpers Unite

Stress the importance of classroom jobs and assign everyone a task.  When students are invested in their classroom’s appearance and functionality, the class will run more smoothly.

Visitor Ambassador

When visitors stop by the classroom, students are instantly distracted.  Instead of stopping what you are in the middle of, have an appointed “Visitor Ambassador” whose job it is to greet the visitor and take any messages or papers that they may need to leave.  This helps the other students stay focused on their work and gives you a few minutes to find a good place to stop in the lesson you are teaching.


What are some of your favorite bite-size classroom management techniques? 

Share them with us below!





I definitely use the clean up song. I also have a labeled spot for supplies to help direct the students where the manipulatives go. My files are overloaded - have been thinking of moving everything to notebooks - seems way easier to find things! Thanks for the tips! :)

Alexandra C.
Alexandra C.

I love the music idea! Thanks for the great reminders, I'm already starting to think about changes for next year. I've done the labeling and still answer questions all year about where things go! My favorite is that I have a bright yellow bin labeled "Finished Work" and I was still being asked in June, "Um...I'm done with this. Where does it go?" My favorite technique is different sounds for different reasons. I use a clicker (got it at the pet supply store) and double click to signal time to line up. I use chimes for clean up. I use a triangle to call them to morning meeting. This way I don't have to try and speak over the noise of the classroom but the point gets across quickly. I am going to integrate songs, too, so that once I ring the chimes I'll start a song and students should be cleaned up by the end of it. Thanks!