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5 Columbus Day Crafts and Activities for the Classroom

Really Good Stuff’s Ready-to-Decorate Columbus Day hats are another fun classroom craft alternative!

Columbus Day is October 8th this year and it is time to integrate some history and crafts into your lesson plans.  If you are looking for some fun new ideas, check out these five teacher-tested activities below.  They combine learning and fun all in one.

5 Columbus Day Crafts for the Classroom

Columbus Day Boats

This idea comes from PreK + K Sharing and Red Ted Art.  Try your hand at making paper origami boats (think math lesson – parallel sides, etc.) or walnut boats.  Have a boat race with your walnut boats for a fun science activity and be sure to time it to incorporate math!

Christopher Columbus Map Activity

Break out the paints and the world map for this craft!  Students can turn a brown grocery bag into a work of art with this easy craft.  Adapt it to suit the needs of your students and turn it into a great geography and math lesson.

The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria

Creative play has never been so much fun as when your class works together to turn three large appliance boxes into sailing vessels.  Ask a local appliance store to save three boxes for you for the project.  Once the boxes are transformed, they can be used as props for Readers’ Theater, creative play time, or for a class created skit.

Earth Pendant

Make an Earth pendant to celebrate Columbus’ voyage.  Students can work on geography and art while learning about the history behind the day.

Make a Telescope

Have your little explorers make telescopes from recycled paper towel tubes.  It is a great way for them to “keep their eye on learning” while discovering information about Christopher Columbus and his voyage.


What are some of your favorite Columbus Day crafts and activities?  Share with us below!




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