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5 Fire Safety Lesson Ideas for Elementary and Preschool

Photo by shino

Fire Prevention Week is just around the corner.  Are you ready with some last minute lesson plans and activities?  Check out the five really good resources below to help you fill those last minute blocks of time in your plans while providing your students with some great fire prevention tips.


This colorful website has a great collection of tips, tricks, teaching resources, and parent involvement ideas.

2.  Fire Safety Power Point

Perfect for projecting from your computer, this fire safety power point can lead to some great classroom discussions about staying safe at home.

3.  Fire Safety for Young Children – DSHS Washington

4.  Fire Safety Printables

This website has a great collection of printables that can be used to reinforce the ideas that you will be teaching your elementary students during fire safety week.

5.  Activities, Printables, and More!

The City of Fargo has put together a web page geared toward educating children about fire safety and prevention.  From activities to lesson ideas, it is a great resource.


What are some of your favorite fire prevention lesson ideas and resources?  Share them with us below!