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5 Fitness Apps To Help You Get Healthy

Photo by Phil Roeder

If focusing on fitness, even in a small way, is on your plans for the summer, we found some great apps to help you get started.  Some are iPhone exclusive (I), some are compatible with Blackberrys (B) and Androids (A), and some are even accessible online (O), so you don’t have to have a smartphone at all.  A healthy you is a really good you!

1. My Fitness Pal (I, B, A, O)

We have mentioned this free app before, but there is none better for calorie counting and exercise tracking.  The iPhone app lets you enter your calories, weight and exercise on the go.  The online version syncs together with your smartphone data (if applicable) and lets you access message boards, join together with friends, and input your meals, weight and fitness activity.  It is a great way to see how many calories you’re taking in daily.  If you make it a game to see if you can come in under or right at your calorie goal for the day, it’s even more fun!

2.  Run Keeper (I, B, O)

Don’t let the name fool you, even if you are not a runner this free app and site makes it easy to keep track of your fitness activities.  You can enter everything from treadmill walking at the gym to snowboarding to wheelchair activity.  There is even a fitness community on the site that helps you stay focused and motivated.

3.  THI Personal Trainer (I)

If you are looking for an iPhone app that helps you set up a personal training routine, this is a great one to start with.  The THI Personal Trainer Lite is free to download and since all of the data is stored on your phone, there is no need for wi-fi or 3G connectivity to use it.  Right now it is an iPhone only app.

4.  Lose It! (I, O)

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can access this great app/program online.  Track your calories, share with friends, and even download your data into Excel.  The detailed reports are perfect for those who want to keep track of their progress.  The reminders to track your calories is also helpful in case you forget!

5.  Map My Fitness (I, B, A, O)

Think of this mobile app as the GPS tracker that wants to help you get in shape.  Not only does it track your route, it also can keep track of your pace, speed and stats.  If you are serious about running, biking, walking, or any activity that would benefit from route tracking, this is the app to go to.  You can also manually input indoor workouts and treadmill times.  Available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and online, this smart app will keep all of your workout data together.

What are some of your favorite fitness apps?  Do you have one that you have used with great success?  Share it with us below!

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Thanks for all of the cool apps available to help stay on track this summer! I think its great that I can input my meals directly to my phone and have my daily intake of calories, fat, and carbs totaled for me with complete ease! :)

Nadia Batson
Nadia Batson

Great ideas. I know as teachers we are so busy throughout the school year. There is also always an abundance of celebration food around schools it seems. My goal is to get back into an exercise routine this summer. I have personally used Lose It! before (online version). I can only imagine the convenience on an IPhone. I am still not a smartphone owner so I just used Lose It's online program. Very easy to navigate and use each day.


One correction for your article: RunKeeper has an Android app as well. I use it regularly to map my runs and hikes. it is fantastic, especially if you use the coaching options. I also like to map my hikes and share them with friends via Google Earth. RunKeeper has free and Pro subscriptions on their website. I stick with the free account and I love it. On the iPhone I have used iFitness before. It is good for keeping track of weight lifting workouts. The Android version of iFitness really stinks though. On Android I currently use Jefit to track my weight lifting routines. The website is not the easiest to navigate, but the phone app works well. I like that it has a programmable timer that runs automatically between sets, animations for a number of the exercises (you have to download them separately from the app but they are free too!), and the Beat It! feature. It calculates the number of reps you need to do at a certain weight to beat your current maximum. I use the free version but there is a Pro ($$) version as well. Of course you need music for those runs too! I love to use Pandora for that. You need to train it at first so that you get uptempo music, but that is as simple as giving the thumbs up to a few songs you like and a thumbs down to a few songs you don't like. It is nice not to spend time making a new running playlist every few weeks. I made a station based on The Crystal Method and it is absolutely great for running. And it is free!