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5 Great Sites for Math Practice

Be sure to hang an anchor chart by the math game computer station for easy reference!

Are you looking for ways for your students to practice their math skills online?  Check out the five sites below for relevant math game fun.  The best part?  They are free to use!

5 Great Sites for Math Practice

1.  Math Playground

Logic puzzles, worksheets, online games, and fact practice options makes Math Playground a great choice for teachers and parents who want to help students practice their basic skills.

2.  Math Game Time

Teachers from grades preK-7th can find worksheets, games, and more for their students.  It is arranged not only by grade, but also by subject.

3.  Manga High

If your students respond to better to games that look more like traditional video games, Manga High might be the answer.  Teachers can create an account and allow students’ access to a wide range of math games.

4.  Hooda Math

Unusual games that will interest everyone from the young preK crowd to older middle school students, Hooda Math is a solid site for math skills practice.


If basic skills practice for your students is what you are after, is a great math game resource.  It has a wide variety of games and provides solid fact reinforcement.



What are some of your favorite math websites?  Share them with us below!

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