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5 Quick Christmas Crafts for the Classroom

Time is running short and if you have not decided on holiday crafts for your students to make by now, you need something quick! Lucky for you, we have five easy crafts that are perfect for creating in the classroom. Whether you have ten students or forty, these activities can be finished in time for the holidays without breaking your budget.

Sledding Ornament

Creativity is a teacher’s middle name and it comes as no surprise that we learn to look at things a little differently than other people. This holiday ornament craft is easy and inexpensive. Start by downloading the Let It Snow coloring page from Really Good Stuff. Instead of printing it out on plain copy paper, print enough copies out for your class on heavy card stock. Trace and cut out a circle using a large coffee can that has been centered around the picture and words. Cut out colored construction paper circles of the same size. Students can decorate the picture using markers, crayons and glitter. Glue the construction paper circle on the back of the card stock and label it with the child’s name and the year. Punch a hole at the top and string some colorful holiday ribbon through the opening to create a quick, but adorable, holiday ornament.

Paper Poinsettia Ornament

This fun and simple paper craft at is one of the most attractive and easiest flower ornaments around. Simply gather some red and yellow paper, glue sticks, kid-safe scissors, and follow the directions here. Before you know it, your classroom will be bursting with flowers. To turn the flowers into ornaments, punch a hole at the end of one petal and string a piece of ribbon through it.

Ready-to-Go Foldable Classroom Projects Boxes

Boxes of Memories Ornament

What better way to remember the year than to create a box of memories ornament. Using the Ready-to-Go Foldable Classroom Projects Boxes, have students fold a box, leaving the lid open, after decorating it with drawings of events from the year. Instruct students to create a list or essay about the things they remember from the year, fold it and place it in the box. Punch two, side-by-side holes in the lid of the box and string a ribbon or piece of yarn through them to create a loop for hanging.

Dangling Snowman

Need a craft that will take a half hour and still hold all of that holiday appeal? Try the Dangling Snowman craft that was suggested by a reader on This easy and low-cost craft is perfect for preschool through the elementary grades.

Christmas Tree Craft

What are some of your favorite Christmas crafts for the classroom?

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