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5 Quick Thanksgiving Crafts for the Classroom

In need of some last minute Thanksgiving crafts for your class? With Thanksgiving break just a week away, chances are that the crafts you want to find are quick, easy and very inexpensive. Take a look below at the ten quick Thanksgiving crafts that you can easily do with your students and be inspired.

1. Coloring Picture Sign

Use one of the free, downloadable coloring pages, print it out for each student, and have them color. Glue the finished pictures on a sheet of heavy construction paper and punch two holes at the top of the page (approximately 2″ from each corner). Run a piece of ribbon or yarn through the holes and tie it together to make a hanger. Students can take them home to decorate walls, doors or anywhere else that needs a little Thanksgiving cheer.

2. Paper Cup Turkeys

These simple turkeys are easily crafted from a paper cup, acrylic paint and some odds and ends craft materials that you are sure to have around the house or classroom.

3. Spice Turkey

Slightly messy, completely fun, this preschool/elementary age craft is perfect for early childhood classrooms.

4. Thanksgiving Turkey Spoon Craft

Break out those plastic spoons, some construction paper or foam and get started! While this activity calls for a hot glue gun, tracing paper and copying their patterns, you can easily do it without those things. Let your students draw and cut out their own feathers from construction paper and tape or glue them on with white glue. Quick and easy, this craft is sure to make your students (and you!) smile.

5. Turkey Memo Clip

No refrigerator is complete without a memo holder and this cute activity provides just the one for Thanksgiving. Easy to make, you can pre-assemble baggies with the needed supplies ahead of time to avoid a hassle. Students will enjoy making them and parents will be happy to display them on the fridge.

What are some of your favorite quick and easy Thanksgiving crafts?

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