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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning the Classroom

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Break free of the dust and stale air of winter by giving your classroom a good old spring cleaning.  The tips and tricks below will make your classroom shine and invigorate you and your students for the rest of the year.  Make it a fun project and get your students involved in the cleaning!

Work From the Top Down

Instead of attacking the dust on the library shelves first, start by looking up.  Take a large duster and actually dust off the ceiling tiles.  If you have posters or artwork hanging, take those down first.  If, when you look up, you notice that your ceiling is exceptionally dusty, you might want to put plastic tarps or plastic tablecloths over students’ desks and other areas to catch the dust.  This will give you a clean ceiling and a reason to do a new, fun spring craft project with your students’ that can be hung up.

Wipe Down Walls

After the ceiling, move on to the walls.  When you clean, it is the perfect time to take down old posters and replace them with new ones.  Change your bulletin boards and dust off those letters hanging above the white board.  Your students will love seeing new visuals when they come into class.

Super Surface Cleaners

Make each child in charge of cleaning his or her desktop.  A few packages of baby wipes can be passed around to wipe down desktops, chair surfaces and counters.  Students can also help with wiping off center tables, bookshelves and other surfaces where dust has collected.  The baby wipes are gentle enough on their skin to not cause a reaction, but effective enough to get off even stubborn crayon marks.

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Swift Sweepers

If running a sweeper is not one of the classroom jobs you have set-up, you may want to consider it.  When your class is spring cleaning the room, sweeping or collecting floor dirt with a handheld vacuum is a must.  Borrow a couple from other teachers to make short work of the cleaning that needs to be done.  As always, use caution with who you let use the sweeper.  If your students are too young to use a motor-driven vacuum, a dustpan and broom will work just fine.

Out with the Old

Out with the old air that is.  Open your classroom windows to let in the fresh smells of spring.  The amount of stale air that accumulates in a classroom can be astounding.  Since so many students have allergies, installing an air freshener or using a room spray may not be an option.  The best way to make your classroom smell fresh again is to open your door and windows to allow for new air.

Spring cleaning you classroom will give it a brand new look and feel.  Not only will you feel better in the space, but so will your students.  A fresh, clean working environment makes anyone more excited to work.

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