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6 Easy Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Halloween falls in the middle of the week this year and what better way to have fun in class than to dress-up for your students.  With money and time being at a premium, it is more important than ever to have an easy, inexpensive costume.  Check out the six costume ideas below and make this Halloween one that your students will remember all year long.

Halloween Costumes for Teachers

  1. The Main Character from Your Favorite Book – Everything from Harry Potter to the Paperbag Princess is fair game for this costume.  Choose your favorite book character and create a costume to accompany it.
  2. Class Cheerleader – Be a cheerleader for learning with a fun (appropriate length) skirt, some tennis shoes, and some pom-poms.  Don’t forget to make up a cheer to recite to get your students excited about learning.
  3. Class Clown – Dress up as a clown and share some great kid-friendly jokes with your students throughout the day.


Halloween Costumes for Co-Teachers and Teams

Do you teach with another teacher or perhaps a team of teachers?  Check out these clever ideas for coordinating your Halloween costumes.

  1. Salt and Pepper – Cardboard boxes, one painted white with the letter S and the other painted black with the letter P, make for not only a great Halloween costume, but also a great discussion point for adjectives.  Adjectives add flavor to writing, just as salt and pepper add flavor to food.
  2. Peanut Butter and Jelly – Peanut butter may be banned in your nut-free school, but it can make a cardboard comeback with its partner in crime, Jelly, this Halloween.  Create one sandwich board that resembles a jar of peanut butter and one that resembles a jar of jelly.  Turn the costumes into a lesson by discussing things that go together.
  3. The Colors of the Rainbow – perfect for a team of teachers, each person chooses a different color and dresses from head to toe in that hue.  Line up together in front of your classes and see if they can guess what you are.



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