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7 Perfectly Pinterest-ingly Fall Craft Ideas for the Classroom

 Pinterest can be addicting.  It is filled with ideas for everything from language arts lessons to crafts to technology resources.  While it can be a great place to find ideas for your classroom, it can also be quite a distraction.  If you are searching for fall ideas for the classroom, check out these 7 pins that are sure to be a hit!

7 Perfectly Pinteresting Fall Ideas for the Classroom

(Why no pictures?  Because using someone else’s photos, even those found on Pinterest, without the copyright holder’s permission is stealing!  We respect the rights of those who work so hard to create pin-worthy pictures and encourage you to click on the links to see the crafts.  Thanks!)

  1. Fall Painting with Salt and Watercolors – Illustrate fall poems with this fun and easy watercolor activity.
  2. Decorate Your Classroom Door – Transform your classroom door into a delightful mummy.
  3. Fall Bulletin Board Ideas – Your bulletin boards will never be the same when you try one of these fall bulletin board ideas.
  4. Scarecrow Writing Prompt Picture –  After creating this easy scarecrow craft with students (a great way to introduce concepts like parallel lines, patterns, and more), have them use the picture as a writing prompt.  What is the scarecrow thinking?  What does he see when he is out in the field?  The possibilities are endless!
  5. Symmetry Leaf Man – Talking about symmetry goes hand-in-hand with this fall foliage-inspired craft.  After a nature walk around the schoolyard, have students create symmetrical pictures using the leaves and seeds that they collected.
  6. Fingerprint Tree – This simple craft can serve as a writing prompt, math lesson, or science lessons.  The best part?  All you need is a toilet paper tube, card stock, and a few fall color finger paints!
  7. Paper Plate Pumpkin – When a craft can work as a general fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving activity, it is definitely one to keep in your teaching bag-of-tricks.  Check out this inexpensive and fun paper plate pumpkin craft.  Want to make it even easier?  Use orange plates!


What are some of your favorite fall crafts?  Share them with us below!

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Pinterest is one of my favorite addictions!!