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A Hidden Agenda for Meet the Teacher Night

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Meet the Teacher night is fast approaching!  Try this great idea by Karen, a 1st Grade Teacher in Wichita Falls, TX, to help you with first day transportation organization.

“My school schedules our Meet the Teacher Night before school opens. I have come to regard that night as my personal “Collect Information from Families Night.”

To set it up, on each child’s desk, I place two sticky notes labeled as follows:

• Child’s Name________

  • Transportation First Day: __________
  • Transportation, Remainder of the Year: __________

I then call parents’ attention to the notes and have them jot their information down as they listen to my presentation about our upcoming school year.

After parents leave for the night, I collect the notes and organize them onto a clipboard. “Transportation” becomes “Simplification” as I use the notes to dismiss kids that first day (and all the remaining days) without a hitch. Later on, I transferred the information to a Transportation Poster that we post in our classroom.

Tip: I use this strategy to manage transportation at dismissal, but you could use it for other purposes, such as to have parents sign up for volunteer work in your class or to schedule parent chaperones for field trips, etc.”

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