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About Really Good Stuff

The Really Good Stuff campus in Monroe, CTSince we opened our doors in 1992, Really Good Stuff has dedicated itself to providing products and services that help teachers make a difference in children’s lives.

Our exclusive collection of fun and creative teaching tool is what makes us unique! But we couldn’t do it without your help! Many of our quality products start with ideas shared from classrooms around the country.

All products are tested in the classroom and reviewed by teacher panels before they ever make it into our Really Good Stuff catalog or site.

really good stuffWhat a great partnership. You help us with super suggestions and we help you make learning fun! If you have any ideas, suggestions, criticisms or general comments, we invite you to e-mail Jon Sonneborn (co-owner of Really Good Stuff) at You’ll get a reply directly from Jon within 2 business days (unless he’s on the road, meeting with teachers at trade shows).

We know how important your students are to you. As Really Good Stuff starts its second decade, it renews its pledge to provide the very best Fun and Creative Teaching Tools to help you make a difference in your children’s lives!


I really found this website to be of great assistance to me. It possessed so many great ideas that are very useful to me for my classroom.