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Brown Bag Lunch Ideas for Teachers

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Teachers have a lot of things on their plate and juggling healthy eating into the mix can sometimes be challenging. As much as you want to eat a healthy, filling lunch, when you are dashing out the door a can of soda and a protein bar may be all you manage to throw in your bag. This school year, make a promise to yourself that you will start eating better lunches and taking control of your health. How do you do that? Try some of the tips and recipes below to get you started.


Knowing what you are going to bring for lunch ahead of time is key to a good meal. Sit down on the day you do your weekly grocery shopping and plan out your lunches for the week. Be sure to include fruits and vegetables on the grocery list that you enjoy eating. The night before school, pack as much of your lunch as you can and put it in your cooler bag inside the refrigerator. Having everything ready to go will help you get out the door in the morning with little hassle.

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If you are making casseroles or soups for dinner during the week, make extra so that you can take some to school the next day. This is, by far, the easiest way to make sure you are eating a good lunch. Easy slow cooker and casserole recipes lend themselves to leftovers that can be delicious and nutritious.

Consider cooking a whole roaster chicken in your slow cooker on Sunday. You can use the chicken for sandwiches, soups and salads throughout the week. Chili and vegetable soup are also great recipes that carry over well for lunch the next day. Package the leftovers in single serving size bowls and put them in the refrigerator for lunches throughout the week.

Remember that lunch does not have to be a big sandwich or heavy meal. Cut up cheese and crackers, apple slices, a cup of yogurt, and a bottle of water is an excellent lunch that will keep you full and make your body happy. Healthy food will give you more energy throughout the afternoon than sugary soda and processed foods, so choose your lunches wisely.

Lunch Bags

While the brown bags hold a certain appeal, investing in an insulated cooler bag is a much better idea. Not only will it last throughout the year, but with a small ice pack inside it will also keep your refrigerated items cold until lunchtime. If your school’s teachers’ lounge does not have a refrigerator, a cooler bag is essential.

What are some of your favorite school lunch recipes and ideas?

Share with us! We’d love to know what your healthy lunch consists of on school days!


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