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Crafting Things for the Classroom

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Sometimes it is cheaper and easier to make things for your classroom than buying them pre-made. That is especially true of all the “extras” that you would love to have. Today, we have gathered some of the best patterns and tutorials on the Web for things that you can make for your classroom. If you decide to make any of them, take a picture and send it to us! We would love to see how you have been inspired.

Book Nook

There is nothing like a cozy classroom library to make students want to curl up with a new book. This fall, decorate your book nook with some cozy pillows, comfortable throw rugs, and a pair of clever bookends.

Square Tufted Floor Pillows – These floor cushions are comfortable and just beckon children to come and read.  Free pattern with excellent measurements and directions!

Crocheted Washable Floor Rug – Need a quick floor covering that is easy to wash?  Well, break out that crochet hook and get started on this durable, machine washable, throw rug that can be done in any color variation to coordinate with your classroom.   Not sure how to get started crocheting?  Check out this tutorial that we posted in May to learn how.

Dinosaur Bookends – What fun these dinosaur bookends would be in a classroom!  Give your woodworking husband, brother or father something to do this week and ask him to cut out the patterns for this simple craft.  If there are no woodworkers in your family, ask the store where you buy the wood to cut it in appropriate size lengths and just draw the dinosaur on instead of cutting him out.

Conquering Clutter

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When you are not sure how you will ever find a pencil, because your desk is buried in papers, books and what-nots, it is time to tame the chaos and get your desk under control.  Thankfully, we found some perfect crafts to help you get a handle on the mess that is also known as your desk.

Desk Organizer – Yes, this craft is geared toward children, but take a look at it.  It is easy to do and will help you keep your pens, markers, and scissors together and easily accessible.  Grab some tubes and you will be done in under an hour!

Supply Carousel – If your supplies are a bit more substantial and the desk organizer just will not work, try this giant supply carousel that it sure to hold everything you need.

Paper Tray Holder – Turn an old serving tray into a paper holder on your desk.  Check out this clever and simple craft to create a new spot for homework collection, papers that need to be graded or items that need to go home.

And finally, a supply that is great to use in the classroom, especially for arts and crafts, is a rubber stamp.  Unfortunately, they can be so cost prohibitive that few teachers actually use them.  This year, stock up on erasers during the back-to-school sales and make your own.  This musical YouTube video will show you how!

Eraser Stamps – This video shows you how to make your own rubber stamp using a white eraser.

What do you make for your classroom?

Is there a pattern or tutorial that you would like to share?

Let us know!  We’d love to have you as a guest author to share your ideas!

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