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Every Kid Needs a Champion – Rita Pierson

Sometimes a video comes along that is so moving, so powerful that you remember why it was you started teaching.  You remember, deep down, why you wanted to teach and why no other profession will fulfill you like teaching does.  This is one of those videos.  This is eight minutes of time that will refuel your passion and add fire to that flame that can often be dimmed by policies, procedures, and mountains of paperwork.  If you do nothing else today, take the time to watch this Ted Ed video featuring the fabulously eloquent and marvelously inspiring, Rita Pierson.

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Sandy Yoder
Sandy Yoder

I saw this in June at an inservice and was deeply moved! As a result of this video I have now incorporated a Champion Board (kind of like the WB Improvement wall) in my special education MS classroom. We discussed what it means to be a champion (being the best at something) and how champions train for that status. We discussed that their job was to be the best student they could be in our middle school because as Rita said, "Every student deserves to learn" and because my students have special needs, I want the school to see how much my students can learn. Each student has a problem area that the staff has identified that they need to work on each day. If they do well on that goal in the morning and in the afternoon, they get stickers, When they get 10 stickers, they move up on the board. There are 8 levels. On Fridays, as part of our awards ceremony, those who have moved up during the week, get their certificate and we play Queen's "We are the champions". They love it.