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February 2014 Bulletin Board Ideas

February 2014 Bulletin Board IdeasFebruary may be the shortest month of the year, but it is packed full of holidays and bulletin board opportunities.  The 2014 Winter Olympics are held throughout the month, so there is even more reason to celebrate and decorate.  Check out the three ideas below to get you started on creating the perfect February bulletin board.

Olympic Fever

The 2014 Winter Olympics kick off in Sochi, Russia on February 6th.  Create a bulletin board that celebrates the many learning opportunities that the Olympics provide.  Start by covering the board in plain fabric or paper and outlining it in either a plain scallop trim or one that features the American flag.  Using five large circles that are overlapped like the Olympic circles, create different sections on your board.  One section can be a medal count graph that is updated throughout the games to keep track of the medals won by US athletes.  Another section can display a daily writing prompt based on either the history of the Olympics, a particular sport, or another theme-related topic.  A third area of the board can contain information about the symbol of the Olympic torch.  Have students create their own torches and write haikus about what the torch means to people around the world.  Geographic, socio-economic, and political information about Russia could be placed in the fourth area where students are asked to compare and contrast Russia to the United States.  In the final area of the board, students can be prompted by a “If I was going to compete in the Olympics, I would be a…” starter sentence that they need to complete in the writing center over the course of the Olympic games.  Below the bulletin board, place a basket of books relating to the Olympics and Russia for students to refer to while writing or during free reading time.


Valentine’s Day

Turn a wall into a giant bulletin board where students can proudly display information about the things that they love.  Using the Ready-to-Decorate What I Love Posters, have students complete the area and color in their creations.  Hang the posters on a bulletin board outside of the classroom door.  Don’t have a hallway bulletin board?  That is okay!  Use scalloped bulletin board trim with a Valentine’s Day pattern to create a frame in which all of the posters can be displayed.


Hooray for the 100th Day!

Let student work shine in this easy 100th Day of School bulletin board idea.  Start by passing out a Ready-to-Decorate 100th Day Collection Jumbo Display to each student.  Have them take it home and decorate it with 100 items from home.  Noodles, cotton balls, googly eyes, feathers, and more can make for colorful displays with great learning opportunities attached.  When students return their 100th Day Displays, hang them on a bulletin board or hallway wall.  Students will enjoy seeing their collections on display, and you will be excited to create one of the most colorful, yet easy to put together bulletin boards ever.


What are some of your favorite February bulletin board ideas?  Share them with us in the comments below!






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