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February Bulletin Board Ideas

Tweet a Sweet Note Cards

Warm your classroom up with these fun and inexpensive bulletin board ideas. Whether you are looking for an interactive bulletin board or a simple display, we have three great boards that you can easily create. So, break out that creativity, whip out those staplers, and make February’s bulletin boards the best yet!

You’re So Tweet

Playing off of the idea of Twitter, use your bulletin board to post messages about your students. Use the Tweet a Sweet Note Cards to have students write positive traits about one another. Cover the bulletin board in a light blue or pink background of fabric or paper. Cut a large bird from construction paper using the drawing on the Tweet a Sweet Note Cards as a template. Once all of the note cards have been filled out and you have reviewed them, hang them on the bulletin board. Students will enjoy seeing what their peers had to say about them, and you will have an instant way to show off how wonderful your students really are.

What’s Outside the Window?

This bulletin board idea is perfect for a creative writing center. Turn your bulletin board into a window with the shade closed and have students write about what they might find if they opened the shade. Use construction paper to create a window frame. Hang a real shade and curtain rod over the “window” to make it seem more authentic. Place a basket of writing journals and a cup of sharpened pencils on a table in front of the window. Instruct students to write a story, poem or other creative writing piece related to what they might find outside of the closed window.

Really Good Gazette Lincoln Birthday Edition

Gettysburg Address

With Abraham Lincoln’s birthday falling during the month of February, you have a unique opportunity to challenge your older elementary and middle school students with the Gettysburg Address. This simple bulletin board asks them to re-write the Gettysburg Address in their own words and post it for all to see. Cover the bulletin board with white paper and hang a printed copy of the Gettysburg Address in the center of it. If you have postcards or photographs of Gettysburg, hang them around the edge of the board. Use the bulletin board as a starting point for a class discussion about what the speech did and why it changed the course of the nation.

Make February’s bulletin boards a place where students can be challenged to think creatively, discuss history and share positive reinforcement. What your students see on the classroom walls makes an impact on them, so be sure you are giving them the encouragement they need. As always, if you use one of the ideas above, snap a picture and post it to our Facebook page. We would love to see how you make the idea work in your classroom.

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