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Field Trips Promote Health-y Vocabulary Skills

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Reach out to other professionals with this idea by Pat, a 6th-8th Grade Health Teacher, in Rio Rancho, NM.

As a health teacher, I’m always on the lookout for ways to expand my students’ vocabulary related to health studies.

This year, I hit on the idea of contacting local doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors, nutritionists, ophthalmologists, and acupuncturists to learn if they would be willing to meet with my class and explain the importance of their work. Much to my surprise, no one had ever approached them with that request before. The medical professionals all agreed to either have me bring my class to the office or to come visit us in school. Before each meeting, I had students research and prepare detailed questions they could pose to each professional. In addition, each of our medical pros supplied students with goodie bags that included vocabulary-rich brochures and information. I then used these handouts for follow-up activities and discussions in class. It was a healthy win-win for all.

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There is an amazing website I literally stumbled onto last year. You may have been to it already and if so and if you took one of their Free field trips I hope you had a fantastic time! If not....they sponsor free field trips in your immediate area and some of the trips even have bus scholarships! The drawback...the classes need to be small. Last year we had a very large ELL population in third grade and we took them to a local grocery store. Sounds mundane? About half of the kids had never been inside an American grocery store! They really loved it and the cultural experience was great! In our area they have 4 different field trips you can take that are free and in our economy free is fantastic!