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Focusing on Reading Is E.Z.C.™

E.Z.C. Strips - Return Sweep

Recently, the Washington Post featured Really Good Stuff’s E.Z.C. Highlighter Tape® in an article by professional organizer Jackie Kelley.  Kelley points out that for teens, the highlighter tape is a perfect alternative to using a highlighter in textbooks that must be turned back in.  Like all Really Good Stuff products, the E.Z.C.® products are designed and tested by teachers for teachers.  If you have not seen them, take a look below and hear from a Really Good Teacher how he is using them in his classroom.

E.Z.C. Strips® – Return Sweep


Designed to highlight two rows of text, these strips are also perfect for picture books with larger fonts.  Help even the youngest readers focus on the text at hand.  With a choice of blue, yellow, or pink, you can select the color that will help focus and motivate your students the most.


E.Z.C. Reader

E.Z.C. Reader®


For those students who only need one line of text highlight, the E.Z.C. Readers® are ideal.  Each sturdy E.Z.C. Reader® is fitted with a transparent plastic edge that acts as a moveable highlighter that rivets the reader’s attention. Reading becomes a fun, focused activity!
Teacher Tip:
At the beginning of every year I time my students for reading and also listen to them read guided reading books.  I take notes and see, which ones are losing their place or not matching one to one.  I then remind them to use their fingers, but there’s always a few who still can’t track it.  So my plan is to give those students a EZC reader to help them track print during small group time.  Once I’ve watched them use it several times then I will let them use them during independent reading.  I will slowly peel them away it as they can’t use them on standardized and timed tests unless it’s in an IEP.      -Brian Hopkins

E.Z.C. Highlighter Tape

E.Z.C. Highlighter Tape™

Encourage readers to highlight their books as they read them without leaving a mark in the book.  The E.Z.C. Highlighter Tape lets students focus their attention on the points that they want to remember when reviewing.  Are your students too young to really review?  Try the idea below instead!
             Teacher Tip:
I use [the E.Z.C. Highlighter Tape] in small groups as a word hunt.  They either find their weekly sight words in the guided reading book or the phonics sounds.  If we are doing say ai and ay.  We use one color for ai and one for ay!  They love it!    - Brian Hopkins

E.Z.C. Ruler

E.Z.C. Ruler

Do not think we have forgotten about math!  This E.Z.C. Ruler is designed to highlight fractions and help your students succeed at identifying parts of a whole.  Make the product do double-duty by having students use it to track their reading with the yellow highlight strip.
No matter which E.Z.C. product you choose, it is sure to help your students stay focused and on task.

Return Sweep E.Z.C. Reader

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