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Getting the Wiggles Out – 3 Movement Activities You Can’t Live Without

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As we move into the holiday season, students seem to have more wiggles than at almost any other time of year. Instead of lamenting the fact that your students cannot sit still for more than five minutes, embrace their energy and try one of the five activities below. Your students will be engaged, their energy will be expended and by the time the final bell rings you will still have your sanity.

1. Math Jump Ups

For this activity, students will need to stand behind their pushed in chairs and get ready to jump up. If your class is especially excitable, you may want to move this activity to the gymnasium or outside on the playground. The idea of the game is to reinforce basic math facts and get your students moving. You call out a math problem based on the operations that your class is studying, such as “3 x 4″, and students jump up and down counting out the answer. For the sample problem, students would jump up and down, counting out loud to 12. It is a simple game, but students love being able to jump and it is a great way to reinforce basic facts.

2. Literary Charades

Take that story that you are studying as a class and turn it into a game of charades. Have students act out different events, lessons, and characters in the story. If you have a very large class, divide students into small groups and create cards that tell them what to act out. Smaller groups will allow them all to have a chance to act out something and get their wiggles out in the process.

3. Movement Sequencing

Practice sequencing by using movements to help reinforce the skill. Using a series of actions and movements, students learn the sequence of events. For example, have them create a pattern using the following actions: clap, clap, foot stomp, foot stomp, clap, clap, arm wiggle, arm wiggle. Have them continue the pattern by paying careful attention to the sequence of the movements. You can also leave out a motion and ask them to fill in what is missing. They will be paying careful attention to the movements and burning energy at the same time.

Other movement activities can include turning on music and letting students dance or play music freeze where they must stop as soon as the music stops playing. What are some of your favorite ways to take the wiggles during the holiday season? Leave a comment below and share your ideas with us. We would love to know what works for you!

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