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Ice Cream Theme Ideas for Home and School

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July is National Ice Cream Month, so what better way to celebrate this delicious observance than with some ice cream inspired recipes and activities. If you teach year-round or are responsible for planning summer camp activities, some of the ideas below can also be incorporated into your lesson plans. The summer just got sweeter with these fun-filled and tasty ideas!

Making Ice Cream

In our Easy Month of Meals for July feature we included a simple and inexpensive recipe for Ice Cream in a Bag. If you have never tried it with your class or your own children, collect the simple ingredients from around the kitchen and get started shaking. You will have the most delicious, creamiest ice cream around and your children will have a blast making it.

Ice Cream Trivia

Have you ever wondered how many gallons of milk it takes to make one gallon of ice cream? Do you know how and why the first ice cream cones came about? If you are a trivia buff, or want some interesting facts for your summer ice cream theme bulletin board, check out In addition to trivia, they also have ice cream recipes and an ice cream compatibility test.

Ice Cream Place mat

Decorate your dining room table or outdoor patio with child-created ice cream place mats. Use large sheets of white construction paper or tag board as the place mat base. Have children cut out ice cream cone bases and glue them on their paper. Encourage them to use colors that represent their favorite ice cream flavors when they cut out the ice cream scoops. Single scoops, double scoops or even triple scoops are all fine. Label the place mats with each child’s name and laminate them with clear contact paper or a laminating machine. Whether at home or at school, children will love dining with their new ice cream place mats.

Really Good Stuff Ice Cream Erasers

Ben and Jerry’s has some fun and kid-friendly games on their website. They range from navigating an Eco-friendly vehicle to a concert to lining up ice cream ingredients in a Tetris-like game. Geared more for home use, your own children may enjoy playing the games and reading about the variety of ice cream flavors that Ben and Jerry’s offers.

Read About Ice Cream

Some say that children’s book authors are kids at heart, so it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of children’s books about ice cream. Read some of the ones below to your class, camp group or your children for some creamy cold inspiration!

  • Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop by H.A. Rey
  • Ice Cream: The Full Scoop by Gail Gibbons
  • Wemberly’s Ice Cream Star by Kevin Henkes
  • Ice Cream Mystery (A Boxcar Children Book) by Gertrude Chandler Warner
  • Ice Cream by Elisha Cooper

There are not many months when indulging in large amounts of your favorite summer treat is not only acceptable, but expected. Whatever you do to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, enjoy. Leave a comment below if you have a special activity or party centered around an ice cream theme. We would love to hear about it!

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