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July Bulletin Board Ideas

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The blistering heat of July can make classroom decorating seem like a chore. Whether you are getting your bulletin boards ready for summer school, summer camp, or year-round school, the quick and easy July bulletin board ideas below will make decorating a snap. So, go ahead, add some color to your classroom and get your students motivated to learn!

Ice Cream Cone Multiplication

July is the month to celebrate ice cream with abandon. This year, turn those delectable cones into a colorful, creative and interactive bulletin board. Begin by covering the board with a solid background or a sheet of fabric with an ice cream or sprinkles (aka Jimmies) print. Next, cut out a dozen ice cream cones from manila folders. On each cone, write a multiple of 12 (for example – 12, 24, 36, 48, etc.). Next, cut-out scoops of ice cream from colorful construction paper. Each cone will need two scoops, so cut out 24 shapes. On each scoop write one number from each multiplication problem that corresponds to each cone. If you are sticking to the 12s times table, you will end up with a dozen of the scoops numbered “12” and the other dozen numbered one through 12. Create a bowl shaped pocket to store the scoops in. During center-time, students can complete the board to practice their multiplication skills. Tip: You can also use other multiples than 12 to help students practice their math skills.

Stay Focused on Behavior Management
July poses many challenges, not the least of which is behavior management. This fun, quick and inexpensive bulletin board reminds students to stay focused! First, choose a small bulletin board near the front of the classroom where students will see it throughout the day. Cover the board in plain white paper and draw on it a huge outline of a pair of sunglasses. Make sure that the sunglasses outline covers the majority of the board. Throughout the day, when you catch students focused on their work, reward them with a colorful round sticker like the type used for yard sales. At the end of the day, students take turns filling in the sunglasses with the stickers that they have earned. When the sunglasses are filled in, the class can be rewarded with an ice cream party or other special treat. The constant reinforcement of seeing the sunglasses, as well as, the progress being made toward filling them in, will help students remember to stay focused.

Photo by Brandi Jordan

Beach Ball Word Families
Bring a bit of the beach into the classroom with this fun, three-dimensional, language bulletin board. Cover the bulletin board with light tan paper to resemble a beach before beginning. Next, blow up three or four beach balls, so that the maximum number of students assigned to the center will each have their own. With permanent marker, write six different word family endings on the ball, one at the top of each color (for example: -at, -it, -ad, etc.). Using heavy-duty Velcro, place a piece on one end of the ball and a piece on the bulletin board. Hang the beach balls on the wall to store them. When students come to the center, they can remove the balls and follow written directions to create three or more words per word family. They can either write their answers with dry erase markers under the word family endings, or record their answers on a sheet of paper or in a language center journal. This 3-D bulletin board is sure to make a splash with students!

What are some of your favorite ideas for summer bulletin boards?
Share your ideas with us below!

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love the beach ball idea! great for summer camp!


What a fabulous idea! Writing answers on a beach ball in dry eraser. Who would have thought? You could use this as a center and then have them record their answers.