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Kid-Friendly Jokes and Tongue Twisters

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Let laughter lighten the mood in your classroom this April Fool’s Day.  It is a perfect opportunity to share some kid-friendly jokes and tongue twisters while making fun a top priority.  Plan ahead to have students create joke books, funny greeting cards, or hold a tongue twister contest.  Use the jokes and tongue twisters below to get you started.


Q: What did the mayonaise say when the refrigerator door was opened?

A: Close the door!  I’m dressing!


Q: What do you call a shoe made from a banana?

A: A slipper.


Q: What did the apple tree say to the farmer?

A: Stop picking on me!


Q: Why is there a fence around cemeteries?

A: Because people are just dying to get in.


Q: Where do cows go on the weekend?

A: To the moooovies.


Q: Why did the pony get detention?

A: Because he was horsing around.


Q: What lights up a stadium?

A: A soccer match!


Q: What’s bigger than an elephant, but doesn’t weigh anything?

A: His shadow.


Q: Why did the teacher have to wear sunglasses in class?

A: Because her students were so bright.


Q: Which bus crossed the ocean?

A: Columbus

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Tongue Twisters

Sam saw six seagulls.

Bumblebees buzzed Belinda.

Which witch was which?

Ten tired turtles Tango-ed.

Spring flowers have sprung.

Cops catch crafty criminals.

Sue swims slowly on Sundays.

Lyn loves limes and lemons.

Penny paid a penny for a pumpkin.

Music makes Mel move.

What are some of your favorite jokes and tongue twisters?  Share them with us below!

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