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Let Kids Choose Differentiation

Idea by MaryEllen, 5th Grade Teacher, Kingwood, TX

To promote differentiation, I offer my students something I call Choice Boards.  I post nine separate activities on each Choice Board, and students can each choose three of the nine. Each activity is related to a skill we’re working on. Because some activities are more difficult and challenging than others, students may choose to work with a partner. To that end, I offer each student a laminated sheet printed with a clock face. At 12, 3, 6 and 9, I’ve recorded the names of classmates with whom they may wish to work, so they may choose from these. At times, I assign them a partner by telling them (for example) that they must “work with someone at three o’clock.” This approach allows me to put them in pairs while they’re still able to enjoy an element of choice – so important for differentiation.


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