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Monopoly Bulletin Board Ideas

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Monopoly Bulletin Board IdeasParker Brothers’ timeless Monopoly game is the perfect backdrop for an educational bulletin board.  Not only does it have visual appeal with the game board and colorful cards, it also offers a plethora of learning opportunities.  Whether you are focusing on math and money or reading skills, there are standards that can be addressed with accuracy and ease.  Take a look at the three Monopoly-inspired bulletin board ideas below and consider incorporating them into your classroom’s decor.

Monopoly Money Supports CCSS

The Common Core Standards place money as primarily a second grade skill (CCSS 2.MD.8), but also have it listed for fourth grade word problems (CCSS 4.MD.2).  However, as a supplemental lesson, a Monopoly-based money themed bulletin board is a sure hit for a math station or center.  Cover the board with plain fabric or paper and trim it with the Monopoly™ Money Die Cut Border Trim.    Hang math word problems that are written on Monopoly™ Die Cut Accents on the board for students to solve.  Provide play money in a basket beneath the board for students to use when solving the problems.  Have them record their answers in their math journals or on an answer sheet that they can turn in.  Students will get money skill reinforcement while being highly engaged.

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