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New! January Bulletin Boards for 2012

Getting back into the routine of school after winter break can be a challenge.  With snow on the ground in many states and temperatures significantly cooler, it is the perfect time to bring some traditional winter themes into the mix.  Two of the ideas below are perfect for winter fun and the third idea is one that can be used year-round to celebrate students’ success.  Try one and take a picture of it to share with us on the Really Good Stuff Facebook page!

Counting the Cocoa

What goes best after a fun time playing in the snow?  A cup of hot chocolate, of course!  Warm your students up to math with this cocoa inspired interactive bulletin board.  Cover the board in a plain, light colored paper or fabric.  Light blue is a great choice and can carry through to a February bulletin board.  In the center of the board, hang the recipe for one cup of hot cocoa.  Around the main recipe, hang cut-outs of cups that are numbered one through 10.  In each cup, place a word problem centered around the cocoa recipe.  An example of a word problem might be the following:  Joe invites two friends to visit for a cup of cocoa.  Each person drinks two cups of cocoa.  How much cocoa powder will Joe use to make all of the cups of cocoa?  Have an blank answer sheet for students to complete based on the word problems in each cup.  It is a great way to practice multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

Super Stars

Celebrate your students at the start of the second half of the year by creating a “Super Star” bulletin board.  Cover the board in star print fabric and label it “Shining Super Stars”.  On star cut-outs, write each child’s name.  Hang an example of each child’s “super star” work on the board to celebrate their accomplishments.  This positive reinforcement bulletin board can also be used at any other time of the year.

Traveling Snowman

Help students interpret geographic coordinates and practice longitude and latitude skills with this funny board.  Cover the board with a bulletin board size map of the world and outline it with a snowman border.  In an activity folder, tell the story of “Sam the Snowman” who wants to travel the world.  List a series of 10-20 map coordinates and ask children to locate the coordinates on the map and indicate whether Sam should visit or if he would melt.  The activity could be expanded by having students indicate what months might be best for Sam to visit each country based on the change of seasons.

What are some of your favorite January bulletin boards?  Share your ideas with us below!

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I love the cocoa bulletin board idea and the map bulletin board. I would adapt it and put a map of our city on it for my kindergarten students. I usually do a Martin Luther King, Jr themed board and have the students write about their dreams.