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November Bulletin Board Ideas

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November offers a rich variety of holidays and events that make for great bulletin board ideas. Whether you want to talk turkey or honor veterans, November is the perfect month to do it. Check out the ideas below for some fun and easy bulletin board themes.

Family Trees

If you are looking for a display bulletin board, use the observance of Thanksgiving as a reason to create family trees with your students. Explain what a family tree is and how to make one. Let students begin drawing the general outline in class, but assign it as a homework project. Together with their families, students can create family trees on pieces of red paper that have been cut into the shape of apples. When they return the project, hang them on the bulletin board for all to see. The bulletin board background can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like it to be. One fun way to cover it is to hang a large cut out tree atop blue material. The apples can then hang on the tree when they are returned to school to create a real “family tree.”

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Turkey Math

Reinforce the concept of fact families with this fun, interactive math bulletin board. It is a great way to create an independent learning center in your classroom while also decorating the walls. Start by covering the bulletin board with plain fabric in a light, fall color. Next, make a list of fact families that you would like to have students practice. You can use multiplication and division facts or addition and subtraction facts to fit your students’ needs. Cut out turkey body shapes from light brown paper and write the numbers in each fact family on a turkey body using black marker. Laminate them and hang them around the board at a height where students will be able to reach them. Using colorful construction paper, cut out at least four feathers per turkey per child. Students will then be tasked with using the numbers on the turkeys to write the addition/subtraction or multiplication/division facts and hanging them on each turkey. A quick answer key can help them self-check, or you can check their work yourself.

History Timeline

Use a bulletin board to create a timeline of the history of the United States, or a particular period that you are studying. If you want to tie it in with an observance, Veterans’ Day provides the perfect opportunity. Cover the bulletin board in newspaper and attach a thick, two-inch ribbon across the length of the board. Create cards that depict different scenes from the time period being studied and have students hang them in the correct sequence. Not only does this help reinforce the history being taught, but it also shows classroom visitor’s what is being studied. Tip: You can also adapt this idea to cover a science timeline of a cycle.

What are some of your favorite November bulletin board ideas?

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I just recently used the idea I found creating supporting ideas with construction paper turkey feathers explaining the main idea posted on the turkey's body. My sixth graders loved it. We hung it up in the hall. Very festive looking. We made a very simple turkey body and head. I put the sentence on the turkey stating, Our school is great! Their feathers explained the why part.

Marcia Berbeza
Marcia Berbeza

The coolest turkey bulletin board that I ever made was right after my father had passed away and we had all of his old ties. I just created the head and skinny body and legs, but the tail was made from the variety of ties. The end result was truly stunning.

Candace O.
Candace O.

I love the turkey math idea. I have a turkey pattern that I already use, now I can kick the activity up a notch. Thanks for the great idea!!!