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November Common Core Standards Bulletin Board Ideas

It may be difficult to believe, but it is already time to start planning your November bulletin boards.  With most states adopting the Common Core State Standards, many teachers are now required to align their visual displays with a specific learning objective.  The boards below combine seasonal learning and fun with the standards you need to teach.

I Will Stand Up to Bullying

October is Bullying Awareness Month, but there is no better time to talk about bullying and cyber-bullying than during the season where giving thanks is stressed.  In November, turn your bulletin board into a talking point and research station for bullying awareness.  Cover the board with plain white paper and in the center put a sign that says, “I Will Stand Up to Bullying.”  Have resource material available under the board or attached to it that lists the signs of bullying, what to look for when others are being bullied, and how to stand up to bullying.  In a lesson, or during center time, have students write short essays about what they have learned and how they can stand up to bullying when they see it.  The final drafts can be written on face shaped paper and, when they are all finished, can be hung on the bulletin board itself.

Related to Common Core Standards: W.3.2, W.4.2, W.5.2


 I Feel…

Identifying words that authors use to express feelings is an important skill to learn when reading.  For those First Grade students who are turning their attention to feeling words, a collaborative bulletin board is just the thing they need to build their vocabulary and word recognition skills.  Use a piece of solid colored fabric as the background and trim the board with smiley faces.  As students are reading, either individually or in pairs (a perfect idea for the Daily 5 concept), have them jot down the words that express feelings.  At the end of the lesson or center time, they can hang their circles on the bulletin board.  Not only does it encourage them to actively search for feeling words, but it also gets them writing and reading other words that their peers have discovered in their own texts.

Related to Common Core Standards:  RL.1.4


Thanksgiving Dinner

Planning Thanksgiving takes a lot of coordinating of schedules and budgets.  Turn one bulletin board into a Thanksgiving Dinner meal planning station that makes students use their knowledge of math to make sure that everything gets done on time. Cover the board with a Thanksgiving theme print or plain brown paper (paper bags also work well).  Hang a file folder with a variety of local grocery store ads.  In the center of the board hang a Thanksgiving Day menu and decorate the rest of the board with holiday images.  Students are then tasked to look through the ads and find the lowest prices for each item on the menu.  They have to compare and contrast the ads, analyze quantity vs. price, and add the cost of the items to determine the amount of money it will take to host Thanksgiving dinner.  When they are finished they can write their total cost on a turkey shaped cut-out.

Related Common Core Standards:  2.MD.8, 2.OA.1


What are some of your favorite bulletin board ideas for November?  Share with us!


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