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Phone Calls They Can Brag About

Try this idea by Diana, a 4th Grade Teacher, in Sulpher Springs, TX to build rapport with families.

Here’s an idea that’s a bit of a twist on the old favorite of calling home to offer families good news about their child.  I make regular calls home in order to invite parents to tell me something special about their children.

I also encourage the parents to brag about their child to friends and family and to give the child a special treat for being so wonderful. Then, I have each child report to the class about their parents bragging, the treat they enjoyed as a result of their efforts, and my phone call home.

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Sarah C
Sarah C

Something that I have promised myself that I am going to start doing is to make two or three "good" phone calls home each week. I will try and pick different students each week who have improved from the week before or have just improved over the school year in general. It's never good to only call home where there is a problem. Parents would love to hear the good stuff about their kids as well!