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Questions for Santa

Photo by Eric Lanning/flickr

Idea by Katie, 1st Grade Teacher, West Roxbury, MA

I read the book Auntie Claus by Elise Primavera (2010, reprinted edition)  and then we brainstorm a list of things we’ve always wanted to know about Santa Claus. (Even children who do not include the notion of Santa Claus in their celebrations usually have questions about him and his mission and purpose.)

Based on our discussion, I then have children write their questions to Santa. (I make it clear that these letters are not typical letters asking for gifts, but rather letters asking for information.) I then have children swap letters with classmates and have children respond to the questions as if they were writing a reply from Santa himself. (If any actual research is necessary, I help children with this.) We then share the letters and responses aloud.



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