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September Bulletin Board Ideas

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When it is time to replace the Welcome Back bulletin board with something else, September offers a wide variety of themes that work great as wall displays. From sports to fruit to the number nine, creating a fun September bulletin board is easy to do. Try one of the ideas below to get you started!


Football season is just gearing up in September and there is no better way to get in the fall spirit than with a football theme bulletin board. Cover the bulletin board in green paper or fabric and use white strips of paper to mark the yard lines. Create tasks that students need to complete at the bulletin board center to move from one line to the next. Cut out small footballs and label them with each child’s name. As a task is completed, the child moves his football down the field. You will be able to quickly see which children are progressing and which ones need to spend more time at the center. You can make the tasks all related to one subject or include a variety of subjects for students to work on.

Apple Attack

With Johnny Appleseed Day nestled in the latter part of September, using apples for bulletin board decor is almost a given. This year try something new with your apple theme bulletin board. Cover the board in an apple print fabric. Cut out two basket shaped folders. In one, place the word lists and in the other, place apples. Cut out apples and write a different letter on each. It is a good idea to make multiples of some of the letters that are used more frequently on your word lists. Encourage students to use the apples to practice spelling the words on a list of high frequency words that you provide to them. They can also practice spelling words throughout the week. Use the center as an opportunity to reinforce spelling skills.

Number Nine

Take advantage of the fact that September is the ninth month of the year and teach your students some fun math facts about the number nine. Start by covering the bulletin board in plain fabric or paper. Depending on the grade you teach, the math facts that you share may be slightly different. For early elementary grades, a display showcasing the nine fact families would work well. Use small objects that you can hang on the board to help demonstrate the addition and subtraction skills. For older students, a visual explanation of the number nine multiplication trick can be done by hanging stuffed, kid-size gloves on the board and folding down the appropriate finger based on the multiplication problem. For example, if the problem being displayed is 4 x 9, the 4th finger on the left glove would be turned down to demonstrate that the numbers to the left of the fourth finger represent the ten’s column, while the numbers on the right represent the one’s column. Make the board fun and visually interesting to help students remember their nine facts.

What are some of your favorite September bulletin boards?

Do you focus on a particular theme?

Share with us! We’d love to hear your ideas!


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