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Snowman Thematic Unit Activity Ideas

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There are few themes that are more fun to work with during the winter months than snowmen. These lovable balls of snow hold appeal for both teachers and students in preschool through the elementary grades. If you are looking for a new thematic unit to add to your lesson plans this winter, or simply want to spice up your existing snowman lessons, try the activities below to get you started.


Wintery Word Problems

Create snowman themed word problems using the operations that your students are currently working on. Example: Gizmo built three snowmen. Each snowman was made from three snowballs. How many snowballs did Gizmo have to make in all?

Need standards based math activities? has a whole collection of snowman themed math activities that align with the standards.


Make It Melt!

Have you ever wondered how long it would take for a snowman to melt? Let your students experiment with this idea by making miniature snowmen from the snow outside. They can estimate the time it will take for their snowmen to melt, record weight and observations, discuss the water cycle, talk about factors that might effect the melt rate, discuss global warming, and other science related topics.

Making snow can be a lot of fun!  Watch this clip from Steve Spangler as he talks about making snow.


Snowman Syllables

This fun game requires a little bit of prep work, but is a great way to get all of your students involved in learning about syllables. Create a template for four different snowmen. The first snowman is made up of only one snowball, the second is made from two snowballs, the third is made from three snowballs and the fourth is made from four snowballs. Make the templates large enough that you will be able to attach a wooden stick to the back of each one. Print out one set of snowmen for each child in your class, cut them out and glue the stick to the back. If you have parent volunteers, this is a great project to give them to work on for you! When you are ready for the lesson, explain to students that you will say a word and they need to hold up the snowman that has the same number of snowballs as the word has syllables. For example, if you said the word “snow”, students would hold up the snowman made from only one snowball. This activity is great for doing with the whole class and you will quickly get an idea of who needs more practice with syllables.

Ten Little Snowman is’s excellent online reading game for children learning the “ow” sound. If you have a computer in your classroom, consider putting this activity up as one of your learning centers.

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