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Take the Sting Out of Test Taking


Take the Sting Out of Test Taking By Turning It Into a Show


A change of wording helps ease anxiety with this idea by Toni, a 2nd Grade Teacher, in Davie, FL.


Take the Sting Out of Test Taking By Turning It Into a Show

After 16 years as art teacher, my school eliminated art, so I had to begin teaching in the regular classroom for the first time ever!

Even before I made my transition into the regular classroom, I had heard horror stories about students freezing up when they had to take a test. I decided that would not happen in my classroom. So, from day one, I explained to my students that in my classroom, there would be NO TESTS. Instead, we would be having SHOWS!

My students know I own horses and that I ride in horse shows. I asked them what they think would happen if I just took one of my horses out of the barn and tried to show him without practicing. They agreed I would not show as well as if I practiced.

I then promised them I would always TEACH them what they need to know and give them plenty of time to PRACTICE until they KNOW what they need to know. I also promised to give them all of the answers, plus the tools to get the answers, before scheduling a SHOW. I said, “You will know everything you need to make a good SHOWing each and every time.”

This new approach to test-taking—TEACH/PRACTICE/KNOW/SHOW— works! No test anxiety in my class! And, we look forward to all of our SHOWS!


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