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Teachers Sound Off on the Common Core Standards

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The Common Core Standards (CCS) – either you love them or you hate them. When we asked our Facebook fans what they thought about them, the reaction was positive. It seems that the shift from district and state standards to those that are universal throughout the United States is one that most teachers support. The “back to basics” approach seems to be a key component for why educators are willing to re-think and adopt the standards with little hesitation.

Buena K. explains her opinion about the CCS. “The CCS removes a lot of standards we had in our state standards and emphasizes the basics,” she says. “I think this is a good thing because we had so many standards to meet before that we could only spend a few days on each then move on. We are already talking about tearing apart our math book, discarding those things not in the standards and spending the time needed on the ‘important’ things. Yea! Back to Basics!”

Joyce R. agrees, but also expresses concerns. “I like the idea of all schools in the nation having the same expectations for each grade level, but will schools really follow the standards?” she asks. “Who’s going to make sure this happens? One advantage is that students who move to another district will have been taught using the same standards as the school they’re moving to.”

“I agree with [Joyce and Buena]!” says Nancy D. ” And I think CCS is especially important with many moving from state to state. We were in that situation once. [We] moved to a state with higher standards and when we moved back to our home state, the kids were ahead of the classes they went in to. CCS is definitely the way to go!”

What do YOU think?

Leave your thoughts and opinions about the Common Core Standards below!

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