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The Teacher’s Back-to-School Checklist

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Mid-way through July, there comes a point when it is time to start thinking about going to back to school. As much as you may dread the loss of summer, chances are that the excitement of a new school year and the possibilities that come with it are also on your mind. To help you get focused, we created a back-to-school checklist that you can print out and check off.  Rejoice in the excitement of a new year and get started today!

The Teachers Back-to-School Checklist

_____Write and mail Welcome Back Letters

_____Send personal invitations for Back to School Night

_____Shop for class supplies:

  • Pencils
  • Paper – Construction, White Copy Paper, Lined Paper
  • Journals
  • Pocket Folders for School to Home interactions
  • Welcome Kit
  • Other: _____________________________________
  • Other: _____________________________________
  • Other: _____________________________________

_____Set-up Class Blog

_____Organize Masters of worksheets for quick reference

_____Plan main projects for each month

_____Create a student database with pertinent contact information in Google Docs

_____Begin planning out the first week’s lessons

_____Get your systems in order (i.e. – returning homework, paperwork, book bags, etc.)

_____Organize your class library

And for your own sanity and well-being, do not forget to stock up on the following items for yourself:


_____Soft tissues

_____A new pen with a cushioned grip

_____A new, colorful bag to carry your work from school to home and back again

What are some things that you know you need to do before the school year starts?

What is on your back-to-school checklist that we have forgotten?

Leave a comment and let us know! We would love to hear how you get ready!

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