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This Model Teacher Made a Difference

Photo by shawnzrossi

Be the best with this idea by Helen, a 7th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher, from Keller, TX.

I think the best strategy teachers can use is modeling. Case in point: I had a young student who experienced a massive writer’s block. Any time he was asked to write, he’d just shut down. The state writing test was approaching and I was beginning to get worried for him. I finally sat down with him to learn more about his thoughts on writing. He confided to me that he hadn’t passed the state writing test in the past. I knew he liked sports. I explained to him that no matter what the state test prompted him to write about, he could write about sports. I then modeled for him several topics and showed him how to make his writing fit the sports topic. Not only did he pass the state test, he was commended for his efforts!


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