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Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board IdeasWe talked about decorating your classroom for Valentine’s Day, but how about those bulletin boards? Creating Valentine’s Day themed bulletin boards is a great way to dress up your classroom in a fun and educational way. Try one of the three bulletin board ideas below to get you started.

Random Acts of Kindness

Teaching students about the importance of being kind is one of the most important lessons you can teach. Create a bulletin board designed to remind students about how simple acts can have big results. Start by covering the bulletin board with any colorful, Valentine’s Day theme background. Cut out a couple dozen paper hearts or have a classroom volunteer cut them out for you. Label the board with the words “Kindness Counts”. Encourage students to record things that others do for them throughout the day that have made a difference. Did a neighbor lend them a pencil? If so, they could write that on a paper heart and stick it to the bulletin board. If you would rather hang the hearts yourself, have them put completed hearts in a separate basket. By the end of the month, you will have a bulletin board filled with acts of kindness that have made a difference in the lives of your students.

Healthy Hearts

Combine exercise, health, and nutrition into this fun, Valentine’s Day themed bulletin board. Cover the bulletin board with pink or red paper or fabric. Draw or cut out a large, oval track that spans the width of the bulletin board. Have each student decorate a wooden stick with a foam or paper heart attached to the top. The heart should have the child’s name on it. Cut a line in the track all the way around where students can place their heart sticks. Place a set of numbered activity cards about healthy diets and exercise in a basket on a table beneath the board. As students complete each activity, they can move their heart stick around the track. Place cut-out hurdles along the way that are numbered to correspond with the activity cards. For example, when a student has completed activity one, he would move his stick to hurdle number one. Students will enjoy tracking their progress around the track, and you will be able to sneak in some heart healthy tips along the way.

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Riddle Me This

We have all seen those funny Valentine’s Day cards with riddles, so why not capitalize on them and create a riddle theme bulletin board. It is a great way to introduce students to puns, metaphors, and the many ways we use language. Start by covering the board with white paper and placing large hearts with riddles written on them around the board. In a folder or bin, have activity booklets for students to complete. They can be tasked with writing their own riddles and placing them on the board, translating metaphors and similes, or describing other ways that language can be used in unusual ways. You will have a great, word-centered board and students who enjoy playing with language.




What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day themed bulletin boards?

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