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January 7, 2014

10 100th Day of School Activities and Lessons

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X 10 100th Day of School Activities and Lessons

10 100th Day of School Activities and Lessons

The 100th Day of school is quickly approaching and this year it is going to be the best celebration ever!  With Common Core State Standards aligned lessons and products, it is easier than ever to create a celebration that is both educational and fun for your students.  Check out the 10 ideas below to get you started as you plan for your 100th Day festivities.


10 Lesson and Activity Ideas for the 100th Day of School

1.  5 Writing Prompts for the 100th Day of School

Let students’ creativity shine through with these 100th Day writing prompt ideas.


2.  100th Day of School Feathered Friend Craft

What do birds with 100 feathers look like?  Students get hands on experience with this craft activity.

3.  Teacher-Tested 100th Day of School Activities

Teachers explain their favorite 100th Day of School activities in this helpful resource.

4.  50 Things to Count on the 100th Day of School

Start gathering those supplies!  The 100th Day is almost here and your students will love counting out 100 items.

5.  10 Learning Center Ideas for the 100th Day of School

Set up centers to help celebrate the 100th Day.  From writing to math, science to social studies, your students will have a blast with these activities.

6.  100th Day Balloon Fundraiser

Have a 100th Day fundraiser that celebrates your school community.

7.  Terrific Must-Try Activities for the 100th Day

Find out how one 1st-grade teacher makes the most of the 100th Day in her classroom.

8.  Estimate Your Way to the 100th Day

Give students a chance to estimate what 100 looks like with these activities from a Kindergarten teacher in Kentucky.


9.  100th Day of School Bulletin Board Ideas

Spruce up your classroom or hallway walls with these 100th Day of School-themed bulletin boards.


10.  Count to 100 Days!

Ideas for counting up to or down from 100!



What are some of your favorite 100th Day of School activities?  Share with us below!

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