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November 25, 2015

10 Creative Gifts for Preschoolers

Written By: Early Childhood
X Preschool Gift Ideas - 2015

Preschool Gift Ideas - 2015

Gifts that promote learning through exploration and discovery are perfect ideas for those creative preschoolers in your life. Giving presents that are beneficial to the growth and development of little learners, while being fun to play with at the same time, are important factors in choosing a great gift for inspiring young minds. Here are ten creative gifts for preschoolers to spark your imagination.


10 Creative Gifts for Preschoolers


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

1. Brain Games

Games that challenge the minds of young learners are always popular with preschoolers. From block games such as Camelot Jr. to matching games like Memory, children will enjoy playing and learning with adults and each other through a variety of brain games.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

2. Play Sets

Bring imagination to life with items that can help children explore fantasy, as well as real life scenarios. Ideas like playing house or going to the supermarket are creative play activities that preschoolers can enjoy through the gift of play sets.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

3. Wikki Stix

Little learners can bend, twist, curl, and shape these flexible wax craft sticks into anything they can imagine. Creating fun designs and crafts, Wikki Stix provide an enjoyable way to discover and learn in a variety of early education areas from colors and numbers to shapes and sequences.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

4. Counters

Counters and other counting practice games provide children with a fun method to explore numbers and counting that the creative preschooler will appreciate. Available in a wide selection of shapes, colors and sizes, counters and counting games are sure to be loved by young students.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

5. Sorting Set

Sorters and sorting sets provide a fun way to discover an array of fun math activities. With different colors, shapes, and sizes, sorting sets will be a great gift idea for creative children.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

6. Musical Instruments

Musical play gives inspired preschoolers a channel to discover feeling and movement through sounds. Gifting a collection of kid friendly musical instruments such as bells or boom whackers are sure to be a well-liked present.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

7. Interactive Storybooks

Books and similar activities that encourage children to interact and collaborate along with and throughout the story will easily keep the attention of little learners. From fairy tales to nursery rhymes, creative students will love being involved with storybook readings.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

8. Kids Kore Wobble Chair

Little learners who experience restlessness and extra energy need an outlet to harness their need for constant movement. Wobble chairs provide children a way to safely exert this urge to continue moving. With its rounded bottom and wobbly middle, preschoolers will have a ball with this silly and effective seat.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

9. Puppets

Finger puppets, hand puppets, and puppet mitts give creative preschoolers a chance to explore and discover real life and imaginary worlds through pretend play. Stories and lessons can be performed and explained with the help of a number of furry friends that any child will adore.


10 Gifts for Creative Preschoolers

10. Dress Up Costumes

Dramatic play is popular among little learners as they can act out and present make-believe stories or real life situations. With the help of related props and pretend costumes for dress up, children who love to perform will be excited about gifts that support their desire for creative play.


What’s on your creative preschooler’s wish list this year?


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