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January 7, 2016

10 Valentine’s Day Books for Preschool

Written By: Early Childhood
X Preschool Books for Valentine's Day


Preschool Books for Valentine's Day

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with great Valentine’s Day books for preschool. They’re a fantastic way to introduce the history of the holiday, as well as get your students excited about celebrating Valentine’s Day. Here are 10 books to get you started!


10 Valentine’s Day Books for Preschool


 1. Llama Llama I Love You

By Anne Dewdney

In this quick read, Little Llama expresses his love for his family and friends by making them all heart shaped cards and giving them lots of hugs. With bright and colorful illustrations, this short rhyming story shows preschoolers the different ways to display the feeling of love.


2. The I Love You Book

By Todd Parr

This board book goes through some of the many reasons a child is loved unconditionally, no matter what. Preschoolers will enjoy this vividly illustrated story that communicates a positive message about acceptance and love.


3. I Like You

By Sandol Stoddard Warburg

Describing friendship in a simple way that preschoolers will understand, this book talks about how the special people in our lives are to be cherished and appreciated. A fantastic story about loving people for who they are, this is a great read to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


4. I Love You All Day Long

By Francesca Rusackas

With bright and expressive illustrations, this is a heartwarming tale about a little pig that is nervous to go off to school for the day. With a lot of reassurance from his mother, little pig begins to understand that he is loved all of the time regardless of where he is.   Preschoolers will be able to relate to the little pig and his feelings, making this a great choice for story time.


5. Huggy Kissy

By Leslie Patricelli

Recognizing the love and affection a family feels for each other, this board book will be well liked by early learners. With a lot of hugs and kisses throughout the story, children can easily start to comprehend the act of showing love.


6. Duck and Goose, Goose Needs a Hug

By Tad Hills

Goose needs a hug, but his friends don’t know that because they aren’t listening to him. When Goose finally asks for what he needs, everyone feels better. Preschoolers are sure to enjoy this board book about the importance of listening.


7. A Kiss for Little Bear

By Else Holmelund Minarik

When Little Bear draws a picture for his grandmother, she responds by sending him a kiss. Preschoolers will adore following this story as the kiss gets passed along until it finally reaches Little Bear.


8. One Love

By Cedella Marley

With brightly colored illustrations and simple words, this board book shows the importance of people coming together to make positive changes. Pair it up with an introduction to the song One Love by Bob Marley to engage early learners even further.


9. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse

By Laura Numeroff

Preschoolers will have fun joining Mouse as he creates special Valentines for his friends. With short text that children can easily understand, this will be a popular read way beyond the holiday season.


10. Where is Baby’s Valentine?

By Karen Katz

Searching for Baby’s missing valentine, this interactive lift-the-flap book will keep children engaged.   Simple and captivating, this story is a great addition to any library.


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