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January 1, 2013

15 Tips for Organizing the Classroom

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X 15 Tips for Organizing the Classroom

15 Tips for Organizing the Classroom

Think About: How can an organized classroom help me be a more effective teacher? How will organization help my students be more successful in the classroom?

Organization in the classroom is one of the key factors to a successful school year. Check out the 15 tips below for organizing your classroom and share your favorite organization tips with us on Facebook or on the Really Good Teachers forums!

15 Tips for Organizing the Classroom

1. Before organizing, sort and purge.
2. Get the proper size containers for the items you want to store.
3. Label everything.
4. Organize items in the way that makes the most sense for you and your students.
5. Don’t be afraid to use every available space.
6. Vertical space is often overlooked – use stacking bins, tubs, and trays.
7. If you take it out, put it back where it belongs right away.
8. Have a designated place for everything.
9. Have a once a week “Clean Classroom” time where everyone helps straighten and clean.
10. Get students in on the act and assign daily classroom jobs.
11. Use portable storage such as rolling carts and file boxes.
12. Don’t forget the back of the classroom door, closet door, or the side of the tall filing cabinet for hanging storage options.
13. Make it a priority to get and stay organized.
14. Start a “Clean Desk Fairy” program where students with clean desks are visited by the “Clean Desk Fairy” at night and rewarded.
15. Be a good example and keep your desk or table area clean and tidy.


What are some of your favorite organizing tips? Share with us!

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